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Scott Grove

Artist, woodworker, sculptor, author, Arts and Crafts

Scott Grove creates Unique Art Furniture for Unique People

Scott Grove's Bio:

As a third-generation artist, Scott Grove has been a sculptor ever since he can remember. Grove creates unique contemporary classic art furniture and sculpture with a harmonious blend of uniquely carved woods with radiant figured grains. His signature rich finishes, carved textures and unconventional wood veneering create a desire to touch each piece for a sensuous, pleasurable experience. Sophisticated and elegant with a touch of whimsy, his work raises a sense of wonder and delight. For over thirty years he has developed unique and unconventional methods in his approach to furniture making. As a self taught woodworker, Grove is known for his expressive work with layers of artistic expression; his pieces are a combination of unique carved texture and radiant veneers. Grove has won numerous awards and has been featured on HGTV's The Furniture Show and Woodworking in Action series. He writes for a variety of national publications, lectures and holds workshops nationally on a variety of subjects such as marketing, design, specialty finishes, veneering, mold making and fiberglass construction in addition to his forthcoming book on Advanced Veneering. He has been featured in a variety publications such as Fine Woodworking, CWB, Woodshop News, Architectural Record, ROBB Report, LA Times, to name a few. Scott has owned and operated a woodworking studio in Rochester for thirty years in addition to an Architectural Reproduction facility that is responsible for the replacement of the majority of Rochester's historic building details. He has worked for Wendell Castle as Studio Director and consults for Architects and designers. He maintains a studio in downtown Rochester where he produces commission work and speculative furniture, as well as limited edition pieces and sculpture. As an artist, sculptor and furniture designer, Grove works directly with designers, architects and private collectors.

Scott Grove's Experience:

  • Art Chair at Greentopia

    Scott Grove volunteered to serve as the Art Chair for Greentopia, a week-long celebration and gathering of thought leaders and visionaries using film, music, art, fashion and innovation to share its message to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink. He brought to life art with a recycling and environmental focus and impacted the city art scene in an innovative way.

  • President at Green Grove Design LLC

    Designer / Artist / Author / Educator

Scott Grove's Education:

  • Rochester Institute of Technology

  • A

    Concentration: environmental design

Scott Grove's Interests & Activities:

All things creative and when I am not doing that I like West Coast Swing Dancing, Skiing, Hiking,

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